Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Double time

The middle of the semester always manages to creep up out of now where and clock me in the back of the head with a brick.

To say I am filled with massive amounts of anxiety and doubt is putting things lightly. This week I have hit a GIANT wall, and nothing creative has fallen out of me in almost a week. Now I'm playing catch-up on playing catch-up. Damn it!

Alright, breath. Listen to some calming music. Eat some candy. You being very "un-Dude."

So next week, a lot of work should be down on the film. Count on it.

Here is a couple little doodles from last semester. One of me as a character in one of my favorite childhood cartoon universes. (I chose Ren & Stimpy.)
The other was a bic pen drawing I did of Paul Giamatti one day when I was seriously bored. For how little I was invested in the drawing, it turned out all right.

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  1. Hey Brad -

    We met last night; I'm Ben's dad. I didn't look closely enough at the email address you wrote down for me. It goes bouncy bouncy when I try it. Send me an email - dnichols (at) lucasfilm dot com.